With my cubism piece, I actually used “The Gateway Center” building at Westchester Community College as my subject. The build has many different angles in and out and seemed perfect use. I really like the lines the which makes a lightbulb go off in my head to attack it in many different ways.


The first thing I did with this building is use the polygonal lasso tool to cut up the image into many different layers. It took a lot of time getting things to look the I wanted. With the picture being so wide and having to use three photos to accomplish the wide look (which you will see in the final incarnation), the real challenge was to get the illusion that it was just one picture and not three combined.


After cutting, layering and using some of the free form tools I focused on distorting, skewing using the perspective the different cut out layers to create something that looks like something never seen before. My goal here was originality.


At this point in the project I’m close to where I want to be but there is something not quite right. Some parts of the composition I’m not crazy about, like the arrows in the road and one of the widows just doesn’t have the effect that I’m satisfied with. One thing for sure the overall picture is very dull and mundane as far as the color is concerned. This was addressed in my final form.


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